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The marathon race imposed a limit for this year of 20, At present places remain available but are likely to be soon taken.

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An innovation this year is that the 10k road race, which hitherto has been staged in parallel with the marathon, will now be run in the early evening on the previous day in central Athens. The participation limit is 12, and in this event there are also still places available.

This race still has 1, places available. Another 8, participants are expected in the various fun runs, especially for kids and Special Olympics athletes, held in conjunction. For more information and to register entry online, please go to: www.

During the course of the Gala the male and female elite marathon runners of the year, the male and female winners of the annual "AIMS Best Marathon Runner" Award, will be announced. In the afternoon of Saturday, race directors of more than 70 international marathon events along with local sports celebrities will attend the annual Marathon Flame Ceremonies taking place inside the archeological site of Marathon Tomb at the town of Marathon. Every marathon runner who crosses the finish line of the Athens Marathon.

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The Authentic in the Panathenaic Stadium on November 10 will receive the first medal of a new series. The concept for the medals covers a period of eight years and will reflect the history of the marathon race. More details about this series will be announced in due course. Soon after winning the first modern-day Olympic marathon at the Summer Games, the newly crowned champion was accused of cheating.

2,500 Years of Heroic Running…

Born to a poor peasant family in Marousi, a northern suburb of Athens, Louis spent most of his youth carrying water, helping his father, who worked as a water carrier, to provide for their family. He would cover great distances daily while sporting jugs of water on his shoulders. Later, as he served in the military, his incredible stamina and athleticism impressed his superiors.

The First Olympics Athens 1896 - Hurdles

But it was his love for a woman, not his strength, that motivated him to take part in the Olympics, says Greek historian Dimitrios Masouris. The pandemonium was the pent-up remembrance of the whole glorious past manifested in that runner, the vision of the Greek. A few weeks before the games, he finished fifth in the qualifying race, owing to his inexperience in organized athletic events.

Full Circle: The Olympic Heritage in Coins and Medals

Fortunately, he was still able to take part in the marathon because Greece, as the host nation, could register more athletes than any other country, an Olympic tradition that continues today. Local fans had been waiting for the marathon more than any other event because of its historical connection to the legend of the messenger Pheidippides, who ran from the town of Marathon to Athens to announce the Athenian victory in the Battle of Marathon.

They were also eager because they wanted redemption: American athlete Robert Garrett had already won the gold medal in the discus throw, considered the most revered of the ancient Olympic events, which had been a particularly painful blow to the Greeks. The heavy favorites were Frenchman Albin Lermusiaux, who had won bronze in the 1,meter final and was leading for the better part of the marathon, and Australian legend Edwin Flack, who had already won gold in the and 1,meter events.

The IP Journey of an Olympic Games

But both men collapsed, unable to continue, while the durable Louis prevailed. After the epic victory, George I, the king of Greece, was so proud that he offered Louis any prize he desired. To those who knew Louis well, what he asked for came as no surprise: a donkey-drawn carriage to aid him and his father in their water-carrying business. His simple request made it obvious that Louis had no intention of running after more Olympic glory.

Gold, Silver and Green: The Irish Olympic Journey

Louis died poor and forgotten on March 26, , but the significance of his victory and his legacy is greater than he probably ever realized. This year, OZY is going Around the World, bringing you untold stories from every single country on the map, one day at a time, to introduce you to new people, new trends and new places. How does a shy lawyer in the midst of a midlife love affair decide to have sex in front of strangers?