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  1. Every rejection provides useful info.
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What steps are involved?

Every rejection provides useful info.

How complicated is it to publish an audiobook? Audiobooks have a higher barrier to entry because you need high quality recorded audio, but the revenue stream can be huge. With millions of audiobook listeners worldwide consuming audiobooks at a fairly rapid clip, the business case for audiobooks just makes sense. The incredible aspect of this growth is that there seems to be no end in sight. Formats for listening to audio change remember mix tapes or 8 track players?

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In fact, many readers now prefer audiobooks to any other format for book consumption. In fact, Audible even specifically recommends against recording any of these books types as audiobooks. Conversely, several types of book genres typically sell very well on Audible.

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Individual results obviously vary, but typically these book genres sell well:. Just like with Kindle eBooks, you can have multiple formats of the files for audiobooks; this can be quite confusing. WAV files originated way back in , and you may remember them from the early Microsoft days. All those very short sounds were WAV files. The main advantage to M4B files is that they can be bookmarked, whereas MP3 cannot; this process, though, is very difficult for a do-it-yourselfer.

One such program to make an M4B audiobook can be found here. The second is that they are scared off by a perceived high cost. However, recording your own audiobook—though a fair amount of work—can be done even by novices, and the production cost is not as astronomical as you might think.

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Recording it Yourself …and discuss the main pros and cons of each. Paying to have a voice artist record your audiobook is the route most people take to get their book recorded. Many companies including my company Gutenberg Reloaded also specialize in audiobook production. The advantage to a private company is that they typically will do any book length even very short books around 5, words and are open to paying for production contracts. Conversely, they typically employ fewer voice actors than the thousands you could find on ACX.

ACX does offer more voice artists, but many of them are unwilling to do shorter audiobooks and many insist on a royalty share model where they receive 7 years of royalty payments from your audiobook.

What I'm Reading :: 77 Reasons Why Your Book Was Rejected | apefomyquc.tk

This is a route many authors choose, especially if they only have one or two books that they will be recording. With the proper recording equipment and setup, it is possible for anyone to record their own audiobooks, but several key factors must be considered before jumping into this type of project.

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You can get that PDF here. Voice acting, like any skill, takes time and practice to master. Voice actors can just go into their studio, sit down, and knock out hours of recording on end. Ask me how I know this?

77 Reasons Why Your Book Was Rejected Reviewed By Kristi Bernard of Bookpleasures.com

I actually recorded the audio for my book Recording Audiobooks myself! Great results, but a lot of work.

ACX puts all audio files through a two-step quality control check to ensure that the audio sounds great for their listeners. With that, if you have recorded your own files and want us to review them for you to ensure that they can be mastered to ACX specifications, simply contact us at contact gutenbergreloaded.

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Recording audio? Set up your equipment in a space that is suitable for recording read: QUIET and make sure all your equipment functions correctly. Also, be sure to keep pets out of the room, turn off HVAC vents, and stop the washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher before you start recording. My wife is a voice artist for our company, and we have experienced all of these little interruptions during her recording sessions. This is something we can help you with and you can also find good engineers on sites like Upwork or Fiverr. ACX requires a different size cover square rather than Kindle rectangle and you cannot just stretch out your cover to square size.

Be sure you enter your bank account and tax information for royalty payments! Too easy, in fact. He really is talking to readers like the friend they need to guide them through this seemingly mysterious process. This book, he says, is about "learning why we fail - and then turning that knowledge into success the next time around. Given the 77 reasons in here, only a few could be taken as personal - the rest, he points out, are purely business which might explain why so many find it "mysterious". Nappa offers a detailed explanation of what happens once an acquisitions editor takes a book on to pitch to the publisher.

It's not pretty, and it explains why some books never make it past that stage. And, as for any business, survival means profit. A publishing house that doesn't actively pursue profitability - no matter how noble or sublime its content goals - simply won't be publishing books for very long.

Some of the examples he provides from his years of experience are shockingly funny as in, someone really did that? But what may seem like the "right" approach from the writer trying to pitch a book is exactly what knocks that book out within those first sixty seconds of consideration. Nappa warns his readers, "I will always be honest with you in this book.

Sometimes that may make you angry with me.

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