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This form is immune to cold, necrotic, and non-magical weapon damage. Your spirit form has access to all of your abilities and suffers no damage from your Crimson Rite feature. If your spirit form takes any damage, your body dies, or you regain any hit points, your spirit form vanishes. If your spirit form vanishes, it drops your weapons in its space. Of the many terrible curses that plague the realm, few are as ancient or as feared as Lycanthropy. Passed through blood, this affliction seeds a host with the savage strength and hunger for violence of a wild beast. Those that shun the curse spend their lives burying their wild, bestial urges deep inside.

However, the power of a rising full moon makes the curse too strong to resist, and the host transforms into a terrifying animal-humanoid hybrid controlled by murderous impulse. Those that embrace the dark Nature of their curse learn to harness their bestial gifts, but also succumb to the evil, vicious temperament that drives the beast within.

These hunters then use their abilities to harness the power of the monster they harbor without losing themselves to it. Enhanced physical prowess, unnatural resilience, and razor sharp claws make these warriors a terrible foe to any evil that crosses their path. Yet, no training is perfect, and without care and complete focus, even the greatest of blood hunters can temporarily lose themselves to the bloodlust. Those inducted into the Order of the Lycan choose this path with conviction, understanding the terrible burden it is and the challenges it brings. Where most who embrace this curse grow wicked, mad, even murderous, these blood hunters accept the gifts of the beast while maintaining control through intense training and blood magic.

These factors enable a member of the Order of the Lycan to prevent the spread of their curse through blood, should they wish to. Should a member of the Order of the Lycan be cured of the lycanthropic curse, it is a terrible shame on their name, the order, and those who carry the curse still. There have been passages written about members being cleansed against their will, but those brothers and sisters readily return to the order to undergo a renewed initiation of The Taming, reintroducing the curse to their bodies and restoring their honor.

Lycanthropy comes in many forms. Each version of the curse is bound to a specific beast: wolf, bear, tiger, boar, and rat are a few of the more well-known variations. The strain of the curse defines the beast a hybrid form will share, but the features the curse bestows remain relatively uniform across strains. Starting when you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you begin to adopt the improved abilities of a natural predator.

You gain advantage on any Wisdom Perception checks that rely on hearing or smell. Upon choosing this archetype at 3rd level, you begin to learn to control the lycanthropic curse that now lives in your blood. As an action, you can transform into your Hybrid form. This form lasts for 10 minutes. You can speak, use equipment, and wear armor in this form. You can revert to your normal form earlier by using an action on your turn.

You automatically revert to your normal form if you fall unconscious , drop to 0 hit points, or die. You can use this feature twice. While you are transformed, you gain the following features:. Feral Might. You gain a bonus to melee damage rolls equal to half your proficiency bonus rounded down. You also have advantage on Strength checks and Strength saving throws. Resilient Hide. Predatory Strikes. Your unarmed strikes are considered a single weapon in regards to your crimson rite feature. You can use Dexterity instead of Strength for the attack and damage rolIs of your unarmed strikes.

When you use the Attack action with an unarmed strike, you can make another unarmed strike as a bonus action. Your unarmed strikes deal 1d6 slashing damage. This die increases to 1d8 at 11th level, and 1d10 at 18th level. On a failed save, you must move directly towards the nearest creature to you and use the Attack action against that creature. If there is more than one possible target, the DM chooses the target. You then regain control for the remainder of your turn.

At 7th level, your speed increases by 10 feet. You also can add 10 feet to your long jump distance and 3 feet to your high jump distance. In addition, your hybrid form gains the Improved Predatory Strikes feature. Improved Predatory Strikes. When you have an active rite while in your hybrid form, your unarmed strikes are considered magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage.

Starting at 11th level, you learn to unleash and control more of the beast within. You can now transform into your hybrid form as a bonus action, and your hybrid transformation now lasts for up to 30 minutes. Lycan Regeneration. You don't gain this benefit if you have 0 hit points. Beastly Precision. You gain a bonus to melee attack rolls made with your unarmed strikes equal to half of your proficiency bonus rounded down.

Whenever you make a Wisdom saving throw to maintain control of your hybrid form, you do so with advantage. Pack Hunter. At 18th level, you have wrestled your inner predator and mastered it. You can now use your hybrid transformation feature three times between rests. This does not count against your blood curses known. Blood Curse of the Howl. As an action, you howl at any number of creatures within 30 feet, chilling their blood and stunning them with fear.

blood shadows blood curse series book 4 Manual

If they fail their saving throw by 5 or more, they are stunned until the end of your next turn instead. A creature that succeeds on this saving throw is immune to this blood curse for the next 24 hours. Those that survive find themselves irrevocably changed, enhanced. Over generations of experimentation, a splinter order of blood hunters began to emerge, one that focused on brewing toxic elixirs to modify their capabilities in battle, altering their blood and, over time become something beyond human.

They called themselves the Order of the Mutant. You begin to uncover forbidden alchemical formulas that temporarily alter your mental and physical abilities. Beginning at 3rd level, you choose to learn three mutagen formulas. Your formula options are detailed at the end of this order description. You gain an additional formula at 7th level, 11th level, 15th level, and 18th level. Additionally, when you gain a new mutagen formula, you can choose one of the formulas you already know and replace it with another mutagen formula.

At 3rd level, you can take a short rest to concoct a single mutagen. Consuming a single mutagen requires a bonus action, and the effects including side effects last until you complete a short or long rest, or spend an action to focus and flush the toxins from your system.

Mutagens are designed for your biology. They have no effect on large or larger creatures, and only impart the side effects on other medium or smaller creatures that drink the entire mutagen. They are also unstable by nature, losing their potency over time and becoming inert if not swallowed before you finish your next short or long rest. Your body will begin to better utilize the toxins you instill it with as you grow in power and experience.

These advancing mutations may be signified by a Mutation score. Upon reaching 7th level, when you take a short rest to concoct a mutagen, you can now create two. Mutagens must be different formulas, and can be ingested with overlapping effects that last until you finish your next short or long rest.

Each mutagen still takes a separate bonus action to imbibe. Beginning at 11th level, you can use a bonus action to instill a burst of adrenaline to temporarily resist the negative effects of a mutagen. You can choose to ignore the side effect of a mutagen affecting you for 1 minute. At 15th level, your body has begun to adapt to toxins and venoms, ignoring their corroding effects. You gain immunity to poison damage and the poisoned condition. Upon reaching 15th level, when you take a short rest to concoct a mutagen, you can now create three.

At 18th level, your body has begun producing one of your toxins naturally. Choose one of your known mutagen formulas. You gain the benefits and side effects of this mutagen permanently, at all times. You cannot change this choice of formula after this feature is acquired. These mutagens are presented in alphabetical order. Some mutagens require a number of levels in blood hunter before you can gain the formula. You can learn a mutagen at the same time you meet its prerequisites. Your Dexterity score increases by an amount equal to your mutation score, as does your Dexterity maximum.

Side effect: You have disadvantage on all Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws. You gain immunity to the grappled and restrained conditions. At 11th level, you also are immune to the paralyzed condition. You gain darkvision for up to 60 feet. If you already have darkvision , this increases its range by 60 additional feet. You have disadvantage on attack rolls and on Wisdom Perception checks that rely on sight when you, the target of your attack, or whatever you are trying to perceive is in dir ect sunlight.

Your Strength score increases by an amount equal to your mutation score, as does your Strength maximum. While conscious and in combat, you regenerate hit points equal to 2 times your mutation score at the start of your turn as long as you are above 0 hit points. Your Wisdom score increases by an amount equal to your mutation score, as does your Wisdom maximum. The magics adopted by the wayward blood hunter prove formidable against many an evil across the realm. However, the darkest of abominations draw from an ancient well of cruel, unfathomable power. These terrors can control shadows to do their bidding, hide in plain sight among the noblest of nobles, and bend the minds of the most stalwart warrior with but a glance.

These fiends are far trickier to hunt, and many lost their lives in pursuit of such wickedness. A small sect of blood hunters had finally had enough and delved into this same well of corrupting arcane knowledge, making pacts with lesser evils to better combat the greater. Your choice augments some of your order features. Your patron is a lord or lady of the fey, a creature of legend who holds secrets that were forgotten before the mortal races were born.

Your patron is a powerful being of the Upper Planes. You have bound yourself to an ancient empyrean, solar, ki-rin, unicorn, or other entity that resides in the planes of everlasting bliss. Your pact with that being allows you to experience the barest touch of the holy light that illuminates the multiverse. You have made a pact with a fiend from the lower planes of existence, a being whose aims are evil, even if you strive against those aims. Such beings desire the corruption or destruction of all things, ultimately including you. Your patron is a mysterious entity whose nature is utterly foreign to the fabric of reality.

It might come from the Far Realm, the space beyond reality, or it could be one of the elder gods known only in legends. Its motives are incomprehensible to mortals, and its knowledge so immense and ancient that even the greatest libraries pale in comparison to the vast secrets it holds.

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The Great Old One might be unaware of your existence or entirely indifferent to you, but the secrets you have learned allow you to draw your m agic from it. You have made your pact with a mysterious entity from the Shadowfell — a force that manifests in sentient magic weapons carved from the stuff of shadow. The shadowy force behind these weapons can offer power to warlocks who form pacts with it. Many hexblade warlocks create weapons that emulate those formed in the Shadowfell. Others forgo such arms, content to weave the dark magic of that plane into their spellcasting. Death holds no sway over your patron, who has unlocked the secrets of everlasting life, although such a prize — like all power — comes at a price.

Once mortal, the Undying has seen mortal lifetimes pass like the seasons, like the flicker of endless days and nights. It has the secrets of the ages to share, secrets of life and death. Beings of this sort include Vecna, Lord of the Hand and the Eye; the dread Iuz; the lich-queen Vol; the Undying Court of Aerenal; Vlaakith, lich-queen of the githyanki; and the deathless wizard Fista ndantalus.

When you reach 3rd level, you can augment your combat techniques with the ability to cast spells. You learn two cantrips of your choice from the warlock spell list. You learn an additional warlock cantrip of your choice at 10th level. Spell Slots. The Profane Soul Spellcasting table shows how many spell slots you have. The table also shows what the level of those slots is; all of your spell slots are the same level.

To cast one of your warlock spells of 1st level or higher, you must expend a spell slot. You regain all expended spell slots when you finish a short or long rest. For example, when you are 8th level, you have two 2nd-level spell slots.

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To cast the 1st-level spell witch bolt, you must spend one of those slots, and you cast it as a 2nd-level spell. Spells Known of 1st Level and Higher. At 3rd level, you know two 1st-level spells of your choice from the warlock spell list. The Spells Known column of the Profane Soul table shows when you learn more warlock spells of your choice of 1st level and higher. When you reach 11th level, for example, you learn a new warlock spell, which can be 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level.

Additionally, when you gain a level in this class and order, you can choose one of the warlock spells you know and replace is with another spell from the warlock spell list, which also must be of a level for which you have spell slots. Spellcasting Ability. Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for your warlock spells, so you use your Wisdom whenever a spell refers to your spellcasting ability. In addition, you use your Wisdom modifier when setting the saving throw DC for a warlock spell you cast and when making an attack roll with one.

Begining at 3rd level, your weapon becomes a core to your pact with your chosen dark patron. Your chosen pact also enhances your rite. If you deal rite damage to a creature, that creature loses any half or three-quarters cover bonuses, as well as invisibility, until the beginning of your next turn.

You can expend a use of your Blood Maledict feature as a bonus action to heal one creature within 60 feet of you.

While using the Rite of the Flame, if you roll a 1 on your rite damage die, you may reroll the die. You may reroll only once per attack. Whenever you deal a critical hit to a creature, that creature must make a Wisdom saving throw against your spell save DC.

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On a failure, the creature is frightened of you until the end of your next turn. Whenever you target a creature with a blood curse, your next attack against the cursed creature is a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20 on the attack. Whenever you reduce a hostile creature to 0 hit points with a weapon attack, and kill it, you regain hit points equal to your crimson rite damage die.

Beginning at 7th level, when you use your action to cast a cantrip, you can make one weapon attack as a bonus action. At 7th level, your dark patron grants you the rare use of a dangerous arcane spell based on your pact. You can cast blur once using a profane soul spell slot. You can cast lesser restoration once using a profane soul spell slot. You can cast scorching ray once using a profane soul spell slot. You can cast detect thoughts once using a profane soul spell slot. You can cast branding smite once using a profane soul spell slot. At 11th level, you can temporarily infuse your rite with the seed of a powerful spell.

As an action, you can imbue your rite-enhanced weapon with one warlock spell you can cast or is already active, then make a single attack with that weapon. The spell must be using a warlock or profane soul spell slot. If that attack hits, all spell attack rolls for the imbued spell hit the target automatically and are considered part of the single weapon attack. The target takes weapon damage, and is subject to the effects of the spell, expending a spell slot accordingly.

If the attack misses, the spell has no effect. The spell must be of 1st level or higher, have a casting time of 1 action, or require an action to activate an already active concentration spell. At 15th level, your dark patron grants you the rare use of an additional arcane spell based on your pact. You can cast slow once without using a profane soul spell slot. You can cast fireball once without using a profane soul spell slot. When you reach 18th level, you learn to sacrifice the souls of powerful foes to your dark patron in exchange for immediate power.

When you reduce a creature to 0 hit points with an attack, kill the creature, and they have a challenge rating of 15 or above, you recover an expended spell slot.

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  • blood shadows blood curse series book 4 Manual.
  • I love the Blood Hunter especially the mutant order, although I do wish you could be more flexible with choosing which potions to prepare. I'm currently playing a two-hander BH and it works really well. I know dex builds are optimal but man people overstate how bad strength BH are. I haven't seen any mention of STR blood hunters being any worse, why is it that they are supposedly worse? I read through most of this class and the comments below but didn't find any reference to whom I thought this class was based upon.

    Does activating a blood curse without amplifying it still do damage to you?

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    I cannot seem to find the answer anywhere. Tip for anyone reading. If you want to make a character that absolutely brings the walls down around them with how much damage is going on? Play a Blood Hunter Scourge Aasimar. Just for perspective, a level 20 Scourge Aasimar that so much as hits a creature automatically does 10 radiant damage from their Radiant Consumption, and another 20 from their subrace ability. So you've done 30 base damage, not including the weapon and magic that's also walloping on whatever poor enemy crossed you. It's nasty how much you can do with this class in the right hands.

    I have read the Crimson Rite damage phrase several times and still confused. Do you take the damage and then reduce your max health. For example: If you have 10 health and use your rite. I would like some clarification on this ruling. I feel it is quite redundant to lower your max hp and lower your health if you are either, essentially, take 2 damage to ad a d4 to damage.

    It works just like multi-classing a Warlock and another casting class. You can use the spell slots interchangeably. You just gotta keep a list of spells and spell slots for both of the classes. How does the Profane Soul work with multiclassing into other caster classes? It's method of spellcasting is rather unique in that it gives all your spell slots at the highest available level.

    So I have no idea how this fits into the rules for multiclassing with spell casters. Sign In Register. Order of the Ghostslayer The Order of the Ghostslayer is the oldest and most driven of the orders, having rediscovered the secrets of blood magic and refined them for combat against the scourge of undeath.

    Rite of the Dawn When you join this order at 3rd level, you learn the esoteric rite Rite of the Dawn detailed below.

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    4. Quoting My Soul : Graceful training take us deep Constant spirit make the leap.

    Gravesight At 15th level, you can see through magical darkness up to 30 feet, as well as see invisible creatures and objects up to 30 feet. Vengeful Spirit Upon reaching 18th level, you learn to project your spirit to fight on while on the edge of death. Order of the Lycan Of the many terrible curses that plague the realm, few are as ancient or as feared as Lycanthropy.

    Heightened Senses Starting when you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you begin to adopt the improved abilities of a natural predator. Hybrid Transformation Upon choosing this archetype at 3rd level, you begin to learn to control the lycanthropic curse that now lives in your blood. While you are transformed, you gain the following features: Feral Might.

    Cursed Weakness. Unfortunately, he has just made the ultimate sacrifice — he has traded his immortal life for the life of the Vampyr King. Deanna Dubois is as talented as she is independent, but she has developed a strange and terrifying habit: Night after night, day after day, she sketches one horrifying scene after another -- the body of a gorgeous male being tortured in hell by demons. Disturbed by her ever growing obsession, she sets out to Dark Moon Vale to uncover the truth. Only what she finds is a web of danger, destruction, and deceit. Tessa Dawn grew up in Colorado where she developed a deep affinity for the RockyMountains.

    After graduating with a degree in psychology, she worked for severalyears in criminal justice and mental health before returning to get her Master'sDegree in Nonprofit Management. Tessa began writing as a child and composed her first full-length novel at the ageof eleven. By the time she graduated high-school, she had a banker's box full ofshort-stories and books. Since then, she has published works as diverse as poetry,greeting cards, workbooks for kids with autism, and academic curricula. The BloodCurse Series marks her long-desired return to her creative-writing roots and herfirst foray into the Dark Fantasy world of vampire fiction.