THE BOOK DOCTOR (Murder In Mexico 10)

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Mother tells how she woke up to find her three-week-old daughter dead in bed after stone father rolled Expert reveals the tell-tale signs of 'wine face' - including fine lines, dry He was working on two leading edge areas of medical inquiry. First, he was doing research that seemed to support the compelling notion that certain vaccines could induce autism. He ended up testifying twice about this before Congress. Second, he was working with a new compound out of Switzerland that was greatly relieving, if not outright curing, cancer and other diseases.

In fact, it could spell the end of numerous mega corporations. The warrant that describes the items to be seized indicates a motive to protect pharmaceutical dominance and suppress natural cures. Indeed, but what if I told you there was another holistic doctor, Dr. Nicholas J. Gonzalez, known for helping actress Suzanne Sommers overcome her cancer, who died unexpectedly just a month later. Gonzalez focused a lot on holistic alternatives to radiation and on exposing the dangers and destructive history of the more than chemotherapy drugs, revealing that they were developed from poisonous nerve gas.

Here is an interview filmed shortly before his death where he emphasizes the importance of patients believing in whatever treatment they choose. And if there were three? How about five, or eight, or ten? Here is a timeline of recent suspicious doctor deaths :. Almost all of them were operating in ways that undermined traditional pharmaceutical-based treatments. Besides cancer, the conditions listed as appropriate candidates for benefit from GcMAF treatment include:. GcMAF is also showing itself to be effective for treating autism. It was stated that the reduction of autistic symptoms is permanent provided that GcMAF has been taken long enough for the body to produce its own GcMAF which typically takes 24 weeks.

I personally know individuals who have been dramatically helped by taking GcMAF. Marco Ruggerio delivered a paper at the AutismOne conference in May of — just before these murders started. Over the summer, patients who were using it had their supplies cut off from their original source in Switzerland where the company was being harassed and threatened.

Subsequent shipments from another country were intercepted at the U. Authorities in the UK have also been confiscating this beneficial compound. Robert O. Young, holistic practitioner and author of the pH Miracles books, now says he is wearing a body camera. Others have hired bodyguards.

Some continue with business as usual. Some have stopped recommending GcMAF to patients out of fear for their lives. This, of course, is most likely the secondary reason for assassinations of holistic doctors — to intimidate others into stopping their alternative practices, their purchase of natural remedies and their speaking out against the traditional cancer sickness industry that banks on the continuing wave of new cases.

It is a sad irony of our current upside-down Orwellian police state that some of the families of the victims have tried, without success , to get the FBI to do deeper investigations.

Ashton Kutcher recalls horror of girlfriend's 2001 murder as trial of 'serial killer' looms

The Labor War lingered until , with the union the loser in every instance. In , however, WFM members helped found the International Workers of the World , an organization that had more success and still exists today. The murder site, long abandoned, is slated for residential redevelopment. People were not very fond of Catholic priest Father Mariano Lepore.