The Wisdom of Golf : Transform Your Game and Life

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Anyone who plays chess, or nearly any game of strategy, knows that the more you play, the more you learn how to win. And if you play someone who is better than you and therefore find yourself mostly losing , you will learn a lot more about winning. Every defeat brings you one step closer to success. Thinking about loss that way -- as chess pieces on the board -- is a helpful metaphor for making losing less personal, too.

Losing some contest doesn't make you a loser. You are still you, not whatever challenge was lost.

Success path rarely travels a straight line. You don't need to go far back for political examples to illustrate this point. Hillary Clinton faced stinging defeats in the presidential race and in her failed efforts to pass national health care legislation in the mids. Part of her narrative today is that losing on health care only focused her resolve to increase access to children, which she accomplished for 8 million of them with the Children's Health Insurance Program in And clearly, her campaign strategy and ground game were greatly informed by lessons learned from her defeat eight years ago.

The sooner you can dust yourself off and figure out why you lost, the sooner you'll be able to refocus on what matters and -- now more experienced -- win. In a Buddhist context, we will continue to be reincarnated until we can break the cycle of unknowing; each of our lives holding the keys to one door closer to enlightenment or another farther away. The idea that losing is a necessary part of winning begins to blur the lines of what is a loss and what is a win. A victory can have unforeseen consequences that feel more like a loss over time which is why people say "be careful what you wish for".

And, conversely, the loser now will be later to win, as Bob Dylan put it. Good and bad, it's all the same: a Taoist parable to live by.

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There are countless examples of this phenomenon. Many lottery winners face personal difficulties they attribute to their windfall. Individuals with devastating mental and physical challenges often describe how overcoming them made them stronger for it. And maybe that awful breakup made it possible to find true love. This yin-and-yang way of seeing the world, in which good and bad are so entwined that they are contained in one another, is beautifully illustrated in an ancient Taoist story about a farmer whose horse runs away.

Best GOLF MOM images | Golf apparel, Golf attire, Golf outfit

The lost horse, which seems like a setback, causes something that seems like an advantage, which then causes something that seems bad and so on. The point is that we should really question the reality of a win or loss, knowing that time and circumstance have a way of making them become the opposite. Losing can also be the catalyst of a new beginning. The higher the stakes of the loss, the greater opening it creates for a restart, a reinvention, a fresh beginning in another direction. Examples of coming back strong after reaching a breaking point or one of life's curveballs, to mix my sports metaphors, are so numerous that CNN Health has a series devoted to them, called Turning Points.

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The phoenix is the mascot of winning losers everywhere. Take a moment to pause in the ashes of a loss to contemplate what new, amazing life can grow out it. Lee was one of the schools fortunate enough to have its own competition swimming facility. Swimming and Diving became one of school's most outstanding programs in the s and s with swimmers and divers garnering All-American recognition and district, regional and state titles. Notable alumni include swimmers Michelle Merchant, and state champion in the breast and individual medley; Kirstin Torgerson, a district and regional champion and state finalist in the mid s; and Nicole Dreessen, who won the state title in the fly in , and , and the back title in and ; [52] and divers Heidi Gilbert- state title in and top performer for the University of Tennessee; and Tracy Bonner who also competed for the University of Tennessee and made Olympic Trials before retiring and earning a spot in as a performer with the prestigious Cirque du Soleil.

She was inducted into the Lady Vol Hall of Fame in The swimming and diving program at Lee was so outstanding during its heyday that its athletes were regularly scouted and recruited by top swimming collegiate programs around the country. When Westside HS opened in , most of the infrastructure and active parents transferred their allegiance and PTO assets to the new school.

As a result, since , [ citation needed ] Lee does not have a parent-teacher organization. As of Lee was coordinating an alumni database with Harris Publishing and has an on campus alumni liaison group. Almost all of the inquiries that former Lee principal Steve Amstutz received from Lee alumni — asked for information on when school reunions would occur.

Lisa Falkenberg of the Houston Chronicle said in that when she writes about Lee, she receives responses from Lee alumni. She said that some e-mails criticize illegal immigration , holding it responsible for Lee High School's decline. She received some complaints about Lee no longer using the name "Robert E. After Falkenberg aired her column about former principal Paul Castro leaving the school after three months, she received messages from school alumni who stated that they intended to help Lee. Two alumni, Tom Behrman, and John Carloss, began discussing possibilities of charitable activity with the school administration, including donating to the Lee NEXT STEP Fund, a nonprofit fund that places Lee students in career and university preparatory programs; mentoring; and holding speaking events.

In April a group of alumni who intended to start an alumni organization organized a tour of the school. One alum in the tour, Joe Berwick, reported that he enjoyed meeting the students. Another, Behrman, expressed disappointment towards the deteriorated condition of the physical plant.

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Lee High School Alumni Association to reconnect alumni with their alma mater and provide additional, ongoing assistance for Lee High School and to help it improve its community relations. A significant number of Lee's students now come from the Gulfton community, a group of apartment complexes housing recent immigrants. Lee High School served all areas within the Westside attendance boundary until its opening, including Walnut Bend , Briargrove Park , and Rivercrest.

Even though several wealthy neighborhoods such as Tanglewood and Briargrove are primarily zoned to Wisdom, parents in those areas prefer to send their children to Lamar, Westside, private high schools, or charter high schools. Houston ISD provides school buses for students who live more than 2 miles 3. Students are eligible if they are zoned to Lee or are in the Lee magnet program. Elementary schools that feed into Wisdom [58] include:. All pupils zoned to Pilgrim K-8 are zoned to Wisdom. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Margaret Long Wisdom High School. Texas United States. This section needs additional citations for verification. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it.

February This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Texas portal Schools portal. DeLeon, Lisseth on har. Retrieved March 22, Wisdom High School. Retrieved on August 28, Texas Monthly. Emmis Communications , March ISSN November 13, Retrieved on March 4, Education Week. June 16, Harvard Education Press , March 30, The school had the highest ratio of English-deficient students of any school in the city, and its zip code had one of the worst juvenile crime profiles in Texas.

Houston Independent School District. September 27, Retrieved on December 8, Tuesday February 21, Houston Chronicle. Thursday July 12, B1 MetFront. Retrieved on March 8, January 16, Retrieved on October 19, November 14, Retrieved on February 5, March 31, Wednesday January 27, Retrieved on September 8, February 8, Retrieved on March 3, Retrieved April 6, Retrieved on April 7, April 14, Retrieved on February 6, June 14, Retrieved on June 16, Thursday May 12, Retrieved on May 21, October 27, Retrieved on November 3, May 3, Retrieved on May 4, August 22, Retrieved on February 7, Thursday July 15, Jun 11, Diener rated it it was amazing Shelves: general-nonfiction.

Life changing book. Incredibly inspiring. I checked it out from my local library, but intend to buy a copy for myself and copies for family members. Jan 05, Jason Simms rated it it was amazing Shelves: self-improvement. If you take on the mindset of a champion, you will be a champion. This book was not what I was expecting. It focuses almost entirely on golfers and not only in a general way but throwing in golf terminology everywhere. The audiobook is read by the author and he did a good job.

But the content is a bit misleading, considering the title. I expected more examples from the business world or at least from different sports but mostly it's just golf and it's terminology. I don't even know what is "bunker play", "fairway" or "tee game". I think the title was generalized This book was not what I was expecting. I think the title was generalized to appeal to a larger audience.

I actually liked the first hour of the audiobook as there were examples from golf, baseball and basketball so I didn't notice the focus on golf straight away but as the hours went on, there was much more golf than anything else. In the end I got so sick of golf and the terminology that I thought this book should've been called "How golfers think: In Golf and in Life, but mostly in Golf". And then he started to talk about his religion and I was wishing for the golf talk to come back.

Unless you are a religious golfer trying to get better, I wouldn't recommend this book. Aug 08, LT rated it really liked it. I have found that self help books often have little impact on your success, but they can help you transform your thinking. Here are some of my key takeaways: - create your own reality - the subconscious brain listens to what you say to others as well as yourself; the way you see yourself is your most important talent - sports often rely on the subconscious - so visualize and smile!

Sep 10, Jelena rated it liked it. Even though the point of reference for this book is golfing, the mental techniques described are universal and useful for any type of sport or activity in which one strives to excel. Wrote by a psychologist and mental coach to sport elite and business top performers the author gives you a wealth of practical tips and ready to implement techniques how to get the most of your time and efforts in your quest for excellence.

If you are a sportsperson he will teach you how to shut down your conscious Even though the point of reference for this book is golfing, the mental techniques described are universal and useful for any type of sport or activity in which one strives to excel. If you are a sportsperson he will teach you how to shut down your conscious mind in order to let the unconscious unfold and let the body do what it has practiced time and time again. And whenever self doubts may arise you will have the tools at your disposal to remind yourself of your abilities.

Sometimes the author's views could seem too radical like all or nothing approach but apart from that the book is worth reading if you are looking for a mental edge. How Champions Think does a great job describing and explaining how to think like a champion. Rotella does a great job of combining his normal teaching process with stories of how it has helped some of the greatest athletes in the world in order to write a book that can help the masses.

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He also finds ways to teach that this type of thinking is not useful only in sports but also in busine How Champions Think does a great job describing and explaining how to think like a champion. He also finds ways to teach that this type of thinking is not useful only in sports but also in business and just your everyday life. I really enjoyed reading about his experiences helping athletes. Also, I felt that I was able to change my mindset about some things and help myself to be better in some aspects of sports and school. Overall, I felt the book was a good and helpful read and would recommend it for everyone especially those struggling to think like a champion.

Jul 23, Vijay rated it liked it. People, it will seem like everything you have heard a million times before from anybody whoever has ever given you advice You have heard it before - process, plan, hard work, perseverance, never say die, etc. But, there is something in what Bob says that makes it that much truer. And looking at the entire sum of points he makes across the chapters made it worthwhile for me.

If nothing, he has spent his whole life coaching champions an People, it will seem like everything you have heard a million times before from anybody whoever has ever given you advice If nothing, he has spent his whole life coaching champions and telling them what champions before them, did. My suggestion, don't throw away, think deeper into what Bob is saying because that is what the champions he coached did!! The only thing that I felt a little tough to align to was the primary focus on golf and then some more on basketball. Bob does make casual references to a financial job industry, but not much.

Nov 01, Alex Devero rated it really liked it Shelves: self-development , psychology. Great book for building resilient mindset and becoming exceptional person, in whatever endeavor. Book covers all ingredients every champion must have, such as optimism, confidence, laser-like focus,visualization, patience and more. This is a recipe for going from zero to champion.

I would give it 5 stars if the author would make some of his stories shorter. These stories are very good to demonstrate each point and lesson.


However, they are sometimes unnecessarily long. It sometimes looks like the Great book for building resilient mindset and becoming exceptional person, in whatever endeavor. It sometimes looks like the author either likes to talk about all his clients or that he is trying to make the book longer. Other than that, this is great read!

We’re All Pretty Average at Most Things

Highly recommend to everyone who wants to become exceptional, a champion. Aug 26, Michael Doyle rated it liked it. The message is simple and yet not. Perfect your craft.


Practice diligently. Never stop learning. And believe in your abilities more clearly and sharply and surely than anyone else does. If you're familiar with the Navy SEAL approach to thinking positively and perfecting your skills, this book is essentially the sports-world version of that ideology. What was pleasantly surprising was that the advice was shared in a way that lets you easily understand its applicability for your own life.

Thought The message is simple and yet not. Thought I wouldn't like the book. Enjoyed it immensely and took a lot of the advice to heart.

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Dec 15, Treasure I. Moore, Author rated it it was amazing. Like a hearty bowl of soup or chili, this was an excellent read.