Writer at Work: Reflections on the Art and Business of Writing

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  1. The Reflective Statement: Your Path to Artistic Enlightenment!
  2. Writer at Work: Reflections on the Art and Business of Writing by David Bouchier - apefomyquc.tk
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Your opinion is the most important aspect of this assignment. So spend plenty of time reflecting on your thoughts on the topic before picking up the pen or pecking away at the keyboard! The type of reflection paper you are tasked to write largely dictates the actual writing process. However, all three types of reflection papers share the same basic ideas, so you can mostly apply our tips across the board.

Students are tasked to write about their personal experience with the subject manner. Spend plenty of time choosing your topic and then studying this subject to identify your main theme. Note taking is an essential part of writing an effective reflection paper. It helps you get your thoughts in order and makes writing far more efficient.

The Reflective Statement: Your Path to Artistic Enlightenment!

Start by writing a few sentences that are relevant to your main theme. Use these as a sort of summary of the rest of your notes. From there, jot down ideas and thoughts that relate to this theme. Remember, that the idea of a reflection paper is to present your own opinions, so keep this in mind while brainstorming. Everyone has a different favored method of brainstorming for an essay. A few of the most common are charts, diagrams, and lists. Spend a few minutes to prepare a basic outline by using your notes from the brainstorming process.

Make sure that your next reflection paper includes all the essential information with our reflection paper cheat sheet:. And you come to appreciate the ones who have figured all that shit out. Some people like all that, but I, for reasons I have not yet figured out, find it difficult. I don't want to be an object.

Writer at Work: Reflections on the Art and Business of Writing by David Bouchier - apefomyquc.tk

I find jealousy unpleasant because it is unpleasant. I resist praise.

The writer's life is one of great privilege, so "Suck it up", you might say — there are more fans than trolls. But there are two, sometimes separate, ambitions here. One is to get known, make money perhaps and take a bow — to be acknowledged by that dangerous beast, the crowd.

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The other is to write a really good book. And a book is not written for the crowd, but for one reader at a time. I still have this big, stupid idea that if you are good enough and lucky enough you can make an object that insists on its own subjective truth, a personal thing, a book that shifts between its covers and will not stay easy on the page, a real novel, one that lives, talks, breathes, refuses to die.

And in this, I am doomed to fail. It starts early. I was a Blake baby. I kept my mother waiting, arriving not just late but at a peculiar angle. He would just have liked me to be everybody's friend, the way he was. And I failed him. I failed my mother too by taking far too precocious an interest in sex. And I failed myself by not knowing how to get any.

But you have to see failure as an opportunity. I took the route favoured by all worldly failures and became a spiritual success. That might be an inflated way of putting it, but failures are nothing if not grandiose. We become special by virtue of not being special enough. I doubt many writers were made any other way. If we are all beautiful, all clever, all happy, all successes in our way, what do we want with the language of the dispossessed?

But the nature of failure ensures that writers will go on writing no matter how many readers they have. You have to master the embarrassments and ignominies of life. The first novel I wrote had failure as a subject. Success as the worldly estimate it is, is rarely a subject for literature. Gatsby cannot possibly get Daisy.

Department of English and Comparative Literature

Dorothea Brooke cannot be allowed to change the world. Thus does art get its own back on those without the imagination to fail. It is this failure — a ceaseless threnody keening through the writing mind — that dominates my working life, just as an overweening sense of not having loved with enough depth or recklessness or tenderness dominates my personal one. I prize this sense of failure — embrace it even. As a child I loved a John Glashan cartoon that showed a group of meths drinkers lying around on the floor of a squat. When anyone starts out to do something creative — especially if it seems a little unusual — they seek approval, often from those least inclined to give it.

But a creative life cannot be sustained by approval, any more than it can be destroyed by criticism — you learn this as you go on. The positive and the negative are not so much self-cancelling as drowned out by that carping, hectoring internal voice that goads me on and slaps me down all day every day. It follows, I'm afraid, that what we might call institutional success — prizes, fellowships, honours — also seems pretty irrelevant to me. And then there are those who both believe in the verdict of posterity, and also believe — somewhat paradoxically — that they have already achieved it. Some poor fools, at this point in their careers, get a pharaonic delusion that they are being interred in the canonical Cheops while they yet breathe.

And of course, the vast majority of today's mummified immortals are tomorrow's Ozymandiases. No, this is the paradox for me: in failure alone is there any possibility of success. I don't think I'm alone in this — nor do I think it's an attitude that only prevails among people whose work is obviously "creative". On the contrary, it often occurs to me that since what successes I do manage are both experienced and felt entirely in solitude, there must be many others who are the same as me: people for whom life is a process to be experienced, not an object to be coveted. There may be, as Bob Dylan says, no success like failure, but far from failure being no success at all, in its very visceral intensity, it is perhaps the only success there is.

As if the story of the book itself were fated to duplicate the story inside the book, my sixth novel, Double Fault , was purchased by Doubleday in with great fanfare, yet in hardback sold so poorly that no house bid for the paperback until many years later. At core, that book is about failure — a subject about which, as a struggling writer, I'd grown depressingly expert.

Hungry for both fantasy and inspiration, readers crave protagonists who, after overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles, triumph at the end of the day. No one wanted to buy a book about disappointment. Yet most people fail.

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In the big picture, few of our careers live up to the dreams we nursed when we were young. In fact, one underside of success is that it's nearly always penultimate, and so every accomplishment merely raises the bar. Each new success conjures new standards we can't meet, thereby inventing ingenious new ways to fail. I've not been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, and may never be. My latest novel missed the Times top 10 bestseller list by 46 copies.

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The Bellagio Center Residency Program

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What is a Reflection Paper?

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Making Words Dance: Reflections on Red Smith, Journalism, and Writing

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